Over 30 years of experience in various fields: legal, financial, technical, scientific, advertising, tourism, cosmetics, automotive, energy, engineering, electro-medical equipment, website and many others.

All our translations are carried out by professional translators, who translate exclusively into their mother tongue and within their own specific fields of specialization. The translations are thoroughly checked to make sure that terminology, spelling, grammar and syntax are correct. In addition, a special glossary is made for each customer to ensure terminological consistency.

We also have a huge database of over 500 collaborators, all of whom have at least 5 years of translating experience and a Degree in languages or a Master in translation and interpretation.

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality of your data and information, in compliance with privacy legislation (Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003) and the Deontological Code provided by the articles of association of the Federlingue Association, of which we have been a member since 2002.

A high level translation calls for specific requirements:

    • high level linguistic abilities;
    • specific sector knowledge;
    • experience, precision, uniformity of terminology, punctuality, constant;
    • study and updating;

A high level translation calls for a specific process: the Project Manager, who is the customer’s contact for each translation project, analyses the original documentation and evaluates the type of text, the number of pages, the timetable and the possible need for layout services etc. He then chooses the most appropriate person (or people) to entrust the work to, check any doubts in terminology with the customer, consults, experts in various sectors, creates personalised glossaries, and monitors the progress of the project. At the end of the process, each job undergoes rigorous qualitative check, which includes verifying the uniformity of terminology and style.

A high level translation calls for specific costs: we never compromise on quality just to be competitive, but we can however guarantee advantageous prices for large-scale projects. We offer subscription agreements based on quantity, starting from 30 pages (1 page = 1375 characters) a year.

Technical Translations

Technical translation requires in-depth knowledge of the subject being translated and its specific terminology, as well as sector experience, the utmost precision, detailed research, continual study, uniformity of terminology and continuous updating.
Our main areas of specialization are:

  • instruction and maintenance manuals
  • operating and quality control manuals
  • risk assessment documents
  • AutoCAD technical drawings
  • user guides and technical specifications
  • circuit diagrams
  • specifications of public works
  • patents
  • safety data sheet
  • product labels
  • technical regulations
  • websites

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Legal Translations

Legal translation deals with a particularly sensitive sector that requires a deep understanding of the law and perfect knowledge of both the source and target language so that each linguistic nuance can be interpreted correctly. It also involves extreme precision, uniformity of terminology, and continual updating.
Here are several examples of documents that we deal with:

  • contracts and calls for tender
  • business documents and notarial deeds
  • company profiles
  • powers of attorney
  • bankruptcies
  • summons and injunctions
  • judgements, appeals and notifications
  • technical and insurance reports



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Financial Translations

The specific terminology adopted in this sector and the importance of the content call for superior linguistic ability, the utmost care and attention, uniformity, precision and continual updating in the subject.
Here are several examples of documents that we deal with:

  • financial statements
  • half-yearly and quarterly financial reports
  • annual management reports
  • reports to shareholders





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Advertising and tourism translations

Giving the best image abroad of your business, or of a place, product or service, requires targeted translation skills. It also requires considerable linguistic knowledge and the ability to accurately render a concept in the target language with the exact nuance, right balance and appropriate style.

Here are several examples of documents that we deal with:

  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • web pages
  • business presentations
  • local tourism presentations
  • poster design for museums,
    historic buildings and itineraries
  • fashion

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Certificates, sworn translations, diplomas

In order for your achievements to be recognized or for applications to be processed, certain offices often require certified translation of the necessary documents.
Here are several examples that we deal with:

  • certificates (wedding/ residency/ birth / death)
  • divorce certificates
  • permits of stay and work
  • adoption papers
  • wills
  • school reports
  • licences and registration documents

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Translation of books

We translate books on alternative medicine, personal growth, spiritual research, stories of personal development and we possibly publish them, in collaboration with a young Italian publishing house.

Translating a book implies not only the work of translation but also interpretation. This is made even more difficult if the author is no longer alive.

The work of translating has become increasing complex due to its historic, linguistic and ideological implications. The translator must respect the language and style of the author, as well as the language into which he is translating, but he must also render, as faithfully as possible, the concepts expressed in the original text (taken from the Degree Thesis of the co-founder of Studio First: “Törless’ by R. Musil and the relative Italian translations”).

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