Sworn translations and legalization

Sworn translations are translations that are made official by an oath, said in Court, or in front of a notary public or a justice of the peace, by the translator. With the swearing of the oath, the translator assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the translated text with the original text.

The translator can also be a member of the Board of Technical Court Consultants and the Register of Experts to the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce). These qualifications can be requested but are not necessary. In the carrying out of this service the translator guarantees the utmost confidentiality.
Our sworn translations and legalizations (apostille) services ensure that wherever they go the documents and their translations will be valid in the country of destination.

For the sworn translation, the translator goes to the Courts with the original document or the authenticated copy  together with the translation to be sworn and the relevant oath.
The legalization consists of a certificate of the legal quality from the public official who put his own signature on the document, not just of the authenticity of the signature itself.
The position of Studio First®, located in the centre of Bergamo, near the Courts, the Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality, Public bodies, Confindustria, banks as well as many accountants, lawyers and notary public offices, means that it is perfect placed to carry out this type of service.

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