Allgemeine Bedingungen für Übersetzungen


  • Prices are calculated per page (calculated based on 1375bytes or 25 lines with 55 characters each)
  • The price refers to the source language not the target language
  • Prices exclude V.A.T.
  • Minimum of 1 page
  • Estimates and special projects are subject to additional charges
  • Translation work is subject to professional confidentiality* Except for some languages, for example: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek and other, for which we always take into consideration Italian.

* Except for some languages, for example: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek and other, for which we always take into consideration Italian.

The Supplier is held to observe the utmost confidentiality as regards data and documents of which he has knowledge or is informed of by the Customer, in line with the present contract. The Customer, similarly, is held to observe the utmost confidentiality as regards data and documents of which he has knowledge or is informed of by the Supplier, in line with the present contract. Except in a statement to the contrary by the Customer, documentation given to the Supplier will be, at the end of the task, held solely for their archives.

The customer is required to communicate to the Supplier all relevant information for the required services, with special reference to: the translation’s use, the delivery times, the method of delivery, technical terminology to use, and useful reference materials to carry out the translation. The Customer is held to supply all possible supporting documentation requested, or risk possible imprecision for which the Supplier cannot be held accountable.

As regards compensation for received translation services, the Customer will deliver to the Supplier the agreed sum, whether it be envisioned for a single task or for a determined period. The Customer is held to reimburse any eventual expenses incurred by the Supplier for the carrying out of such services, such expenses will be, when possible, budgeted for by the Supplier or included on the final balance sheet. If the Customer, following the delivery of the task, intends to carry out modifications or corrections these will be considered supplementary interventions to the translation and as such will be credited separately. If the Supplier, who works with the utmost diligence, seriousness and professionalism, should discover in the original text from the Customer, errors, gaps or incongruity, he is held to communicate them to the Customer. The Customer will have to recognize this action on the part of the Supplier (also on the final balance). In cases of the cancellation of a job already underway, the amount relative to the part completed must be paid.

In cases of unilateral withdrawal from the present contract on the part of the Customer, after the execution has already begun, the Customer is held to pay the relevant costs, limited to the work already undertaken, the expenses incurred and the missing earnings, according to the sense of what is envisioned in article 2227 of the Italian Civil Code.

All rights related to the contents and services of the Supplier are reserved to the Supplier. Possible translation glossaries and memoires produced by the Supplier for the execution of the requested services on behalf of the Customer stay the exclusive property of the Supplier and are subject to and controlled by the relative regulations on author’s rights and the regulations on intellectual property. The Customer is required to not create derived works, distribute, exhibit, or in any way exploit the material produced and/or used by the Supplier.

Following thirty days from delivery of the work to the Customer, the Supplier is exonerated from any responsibility for the defects that are recognized or recognizable by making use of correct diligence.

The parties are bound exclusively to what has been established on the transfer of each task and on the approval of the present terms and conditions. Any proposal by the Customer to vary to the conferred task, following the conclusion of the contract, will have to be expressly approved by the Supplier and could bring with it modifications in the terms for the execution of the work and its relative costs.

The Supplier must assume all of the necessary measures, according to the sense of Article 13 of law196/2003 to protect its own data and/or software from eventual contamination by viruses that circulate on the Internet. The Supplier will not be able to be held responsible in cases of contamination by digital material sent by the Customer, leading to the propagation of virus or other digital infection.

The parties agree to attempt arbitration in cases of eventual disputes related to the present contract, in the Arbitration Office of the National and International Court, Milan.

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