Studio First is always looking for staff/collaborators…

To be able to work as TRANSLATOR, you need at least five years experience  in following sectors:

  • trading
  • law
  • banking
  • economy and finance
  • technology and mechanics
  • electronics, electrical engineering
  • chemistry
  • building
  • cosmetics, pharmacology
  • food
  • tourism, advertising

You must have an University Degree in Foreign Languages and/or translation or possibly a different University Degree.

To be able to work as INTERPRETER, you need:

  • at least five years experience
  • Degree in Interpreting

Please, specify

  • stays abroad for at least one year
  • areas of expertise

To be able to work as TEACHER, you need at least three years experience and a University Degree in foreign languages and literatures with specialization in teaching. Please, specify if you have teaching qualifications / certifications.

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