The role of interpreter is essential for the success of business meetings, round tables, company visits, workshops, training courses, legal, financial and businesses negotiations, board meetings, conventions and conferences.

The highest level of customer satisfaction is ensured by matching the right interpreter to the interpreting job.Ā 


  • must have a degree in interpreting or an equivalent diploma
  • Experience of at least 10 years (min.Ā 5 years)
  • in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • linguistic sensitivity
  • highly developed concentration
  • availability to travel both nationally and internationally


The interpreter in this case is fundamental for assisting ā€œcommunicationā€ between two or three people who speak different languages.

  • Oral, informal, and for small groups
  • For company visits and factory tours, technical training, business, legal and technical meetings, trade fairs, shows.
  • Used in informal situations, during which both parties can interrupt each other and interact with a high level of freedom.


This form of interpretationĀ is carried out while the speaker gives his discourse, thanks to the use of sound-proof booths or portable apparatus equipped with headphones and microphone.Ā The booth must be ISO 2603 compliant in cases of fixed equipment or ISO 4043 compliant in cases of portable equipment. The participants in the event are given headphones to listen to the translation.

  • Oral, formal and at the same time as the speaker
  • For congresses, conferences, meetings, presentations, conventions, when interpreting to a large audience or in several languages is required.
  • Ā RequiresĀ the presence of two interpreters who alternate every 40 minutes


  • Oral, formal and consecutively
  • For meetings, seminars, conferences and round tables.
  • No equipment or technical support is needed. The interpreters listen to the discourse of the speaker and, based on precise technical notes, he then translates what has been said to the audience in sections (consecutively).

Chuchotage Interpreting

  • Oral, immediate, whispered into the ear of 1 or 2 people
  • For round tables and interviews
  • It requires a commitment of a maximum of two hours for each interpreter due to the high levels of concentration required.

Stand support (Host and Hostess) for sector fairs

Our young, serious and professional hosts and hostess are perfect for helping our clients during their fairs. They each know at least one foreign language. They are different from interpreters at fairs in that they are not required to provide a close and faithful translation.

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