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There are different reasons that encourage each individual to take part in language courses: for travel, for personal and/or for professional reasons. The courses here explained can be taken in ITALIAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH and GERMAN as well as in other languages on request.
Here are our offers:

Standard courses

Everyday language 
For those who wish to learn, travel, meet, socialise, and talk on the phone, face situations and activities in daily life (e.g. Conversation courses, General English).
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Executive courses

Business language 

For those who wish to negotiate, conclude business negotiations successfully, hold business discussions, acquire the language of marketing and business, present their company, products and services, participate in business meetings and discuss business and management topics (e.g. Business English, Theme based Modules and Workshops).
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Tailor-Made courses

Company language
For those who wish to study in detail, specialize, direct their studies in a particular area. These courses include the terminology of a specific sector and relative market (products, plants, customers), company policy and strategies, financial statements, financial and legal language (e.g. Specialized courses, Legal English, Public Speaking).
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Conversation courses (focus on speaking)

Only for students who have a good knowledge of the language. Some students have good passive knowledge of a language, but find it difficult to express themselves. This course will help you to make your speaking more relaxed and to express your opinions with more confidence. According to your interests and your needs, at the beginning of the course, you will choose together with your teacher a range of topics to deal with each week and you will receive steady feedback on your progress. In this way you will be able to improve your oral understanding and production abilities in various contexts, widen your vocabulary and acquire more confidence.
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General English

Our general English courses are applicable to all levels. They are held by qualified, mother tongue teachers who have great experience in the teaching sector, or by highly qualified Italian teachers. During the course, the four language abilities (reading, writing, speaking and listening) will be developed. The study of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will also be included. The course programme is decided on by the teacher according to the level of the individual student or group.

Legal English

For those who wish to broaden their linguistic knowledge in the legal field. The course (basic and advanced level) involves a series of meetings during which participants are given the tools for understanding legal English language used in international commercial contracts and company law. Target customers: lawyers, notaries, business accountants, bank executives, sector experts.
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Business English

Our Business English courses have been created for all those who need to use English in a professional situations and who have reached at least an “intermediate” level. They are focussed on developing skills such as handling telephone calls, meetings and business dinners, and drafting presentations, e-mails and reports. Our courses focus on both spoken language and written skills, drawing on actual examples from real working life. During the lessons, practical activities are proposed such as simulations, role play, listening and practical exercises. (download PDF)
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Public Speaking (Workshop) – The art of public speaking

Not everyone knows how to speak in public. Effective communication is the best tool for ensuring the success of meetings and business presentations. By the end of this training course, participants will be able to make the most of their expressive skills to confront an audience and be well received, even in controversial and delicate situations, and they will also know how to manage the time available efficiently using the rules of effective communication. The participants will be video-monitored to “correct” their individual performance.
Maximum number of participants: 6
Length: 1 day of 8 hours
The Public Speaking  workshop is also offered in ENGLISH
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For several years the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) created by the Council of Europe, has been accepted as the standard for evaluating individual linguistic competence. To understand the new levels, we have included a comparative table, in which each level includes two sub-levels, with the exception of level C. (download PDF)

Other courses

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