„STUDIO FIRST gives me security and near-perfect translations, of both text and video“

I discovered professionalism and competence, as well as a willingness to work together,  and an ability to pre-empt and resolve any queries that may emerge when translations are complex. Punctuality is another point in their favour.
Alida DePase Rehabilitative Cosmetics – Bergamo


„Thanks to the valuable contribution of the Studio First agency, always attentive to our needs and mindful of our interests, the scheduled event was entirely successful. Thanks to the skill of the interpreter employed, our guests could follow the conference without any difficulty and were satisfied, like us, of the excellent service offered.“
Alessandra Piraino – Communication and Events Manager – Gruppo Cooperativo CGM


“I am grateful to Studio First for their commitment and excellent work.
I hope there will be other occasions for us to work together.”
Paolo Valli  – General Manager – IRO Medical Center


„Maximum efficiency, flexibility and competence are the three adjectives that best describe Studio First.“
LEFAY RESORTS, San Felice del Benaco (BS), Anna Malvezzi


„We would like to express our satisfaction with the working relationship developed over the years with Studio First. We have always found them to be highly competent and professional with regards to both language courses and the translation of various documents and contracts“.
PEROFIL S.p.A., Bergamo, Alberto Perolari, Amministratore Delegato Chief Executive Officer


„Studio First have proven to be a valuable ally for the translation of technical manuals for our foreign customers. Communication is always pleasantly courteous, texts are translated accurately and great care is paid to subtle linguistic nuances. Studio First meets our needs with punctuality and professionalism. We particularly appreciate“
SCAGLIA INDEVA S.p.A., Brembilla (BG)


„Our company has been working with Studio First for so many years now that it has become an irreplaceable partner. Their expertise, reliability, punctuality and, particularly, advice have been pivotal in the development of international projects“.
OFI S.p.A., Bergamo, Dott. A.Donati, Amministratore Delegato e Presidente


„We at Lamiflex turn to Studio First for more complex translations or texts that involve legal issues, receiving in turn a professional and competent service. „
LAMIFLEX S.p.A., Pontenossa (BG), Luigina Bernini, Titolare e Amministratore, e il suo staff


„Whenever we need a strategic and accurate translation for our business we rely on Studio First: with its competent and efficient staff, it is a valuable partner for accurate translation“.
SIAD MACCHINE IMPIANTI S.p.A., Begamo, Paola Piccinelli, Marketing Communication


„A well established company, Studio First was soon acknowledged and appreciated by numerous important companies for its translation and interpreting services, as well as for the language training of employees and managers„.
ZANETTI S.p.A., Lallio (BG), Attilio Zanetti, Managing Director


„A well established company, Studio First was soon acknowledged and appreciated by numerous important companies for its translation and interpreting services, as well as for the language training of employees and managers.
SIAD MACCHINE IMPIANTI S.p.A. – Headquarter Bergamo, Fausto Bosatelli, Human Resources


„I appreciate the speed and professionalism with which Studio First carries out translations, especially when they are particularly urgent“.
Ciro Francaviglia, Communication Manager Power Products Division Italy, Fausto Bosatelli, Human Resources


„Businesslike and professional, but at the same time flexible and responsive to the needs of customers“.
Davide Zambaiti, ZAMBAITI PARATI, Albino (BG)

„Seriousness, efficacy (quite different from efficiency) and courtesy: these are some of Studio First’s finest features, especially when bureaucracy and institutions crop up out of the blue. They solve everything with just one “click”, even before we’ve realised it. Thanks to all the staff! „
R.Agazzi, PEMCO EMAILS S.r.l, Filago (BG)


„Precision, professionalism, great care and attention, even when working on the most complex technical sectors such as nuclear power, or specialised areas such as the legal sector. Congratulations to all the staff! „
Marcella Panseri, Responsabile Comunicazione, DESPE S.p.A., Torre de Roveri (BG)

„Studio First, a competent, accurate, reliable and irreplaceable partner for presenting your company to the world“.
LA TECNICA FLUIDI S.n.c., Stezzano (BG)

„Professionalism, flexibility and attention to the customer’s needs are the characteristics that made us choose the Studio First as a partner for the translation needs of our companies“.
Sara Cattaneo, PLASTIK S.P.A. e PLASTIK TEXTILE S.P.A., Albano S.A. (BG)

“Efficiency, availability and competence distinguish Studio First’s work“.
Claudia Perego, SUNTEK S.r.l, Cambiago (MI)

“An effective method for stimulating learning and excellent results achieved. Competent mother-tongue teachers“.
NOVOTEMA S.p.A., Villongo (BG)

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